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A drug is a substance that may alter your body function when taken. Drugs can be classified into hard and soft drugs. Hard drugs are the ones that lead to physical addiction while soft drugs don’t lead to that type of addiction. An excellent example of a hard narcotic is cocaine. Once you get addicted, you will do whatever it takes not to miss your daily dose. Hard drugs are completely illegal in most states, and one may face harsh penalties if found in their possession. Soft drugs like cannabis are not that addictive, but there is some dissatisfaction that comes when you fail to use it.


Cannabis is a popular drug which may be ingested through smoking, eating or drinking in beverages. Mostly found in bhang, it is illegal in most states. Some countries have legalized it and even issued a license to sellers. You can003 check on InDoExpoCo and see some of the procedures you can go through to have a successful cannabis business.  People use this drug for different reasons. There are those who use it for leisure because of the kind of meditation people claim they feel whenever they smoke one. It is said that this drug is a stimulant and one can do their activities better after taking it. Its medicinal purpose is the reason why most states have legalized it. Here are the medical uses of cannabis.


Reducing anxiety

Cannabis found in marijuana can help reduce stress.  Several patients have claimed that this drug helped reduce pain and subdue sickness in them. Many had testified this after using it when they came out of a chemotherapy test. It helps improve one’s mood by bringing about that relaxing feeling. You should note that taking it in large amounts may lead to paranoia.


Treating eye sicknesses

Cannabis has been used to treat eye diseases like glaucoma which is brought about by damages that occur on the optic nerve.  It is said to reduce some pressure in the eyes of those suffering from glaucoma. This helps reduce the effect of that disease preventing partial blindness in the process. Forget about the temporary red eyes brought by smoking marijuana; this is one medical benefit of using this drug.


Reducing seizures

002Scientists conducted several tests on mammals and found out that this drug can help control and reduce seizures. Contents found in cannabis are said to keep the brain cells used to control the state of excitement in one intact and bring about that relaxing feeling.  Doctors have recommended the use of marijuana to help reduce seizure.…