Dabbing has been the trend for most smokers because it is a more improved way of dabbing. For dabbing you don’t involve in the catching of any fire. You only dab after the nail gets heated using a torch which causes extraction of several extracts from the herbs then its dabbed onto it. Once the extracts are heated, they will give vapor which you inhale.

Drib rigs are used to achieve a similar level of medication that you would get when you take several drags of a bong or traditional pipe. In the current market there are several types of dab rigs and choosing the perfect one need you to take time before you can select the best that suits. You will also need to check on various features so that you can attain the best vapor. In this article, we give you a guide to choosing the best dab rigs.

Consider dabs with small mouthpieces

Before you can choose a particular dab rig for your dabbing, you should consider checking for dab rigs with a tdvccghsmaller mouth piece. A small mouthpiece will enable you to appreciate the taste that you will experience while vaping. However, it doesn’t mean wider mouth pieces are not effective, but they are favorable in case you wish to take large hits of the vapor. With large mouth pieces, you may miss to realize the taste of the vapor.

Go for small rigs

nbnhgjvjThe best way to enjoy your dab rig is when you get to have the feel of the dab and determine how good they can be. Therefore there is no need to choosing a big dab rig since there is vapor that is continuously pushing via the chamber. A big dab rig will allow the vapor to dissipate from oxygen and also lose potency. It is therefore advisable you seek for a glass that is smaller in order to enjoy the best delivery of the dab and taste.

Check for water filtration

If you don’t mind taking dry dabs, then you should feel lucky. Some dab rigs are used to without water; also you should note that you are advised not to take lung full of concentrates before you allow it to cool on water first. For instance, if you are going out for you should consider taking waterless glass because these kind of dab rigs are convenient and highly mobile. Similarly, dab rigs are convenient because you can take the best concentrate of the type of vapor you prefer.


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