Author: Amy Poe

Having the best energy tariff is not enough to make your home energy efficient. There are some useful tips that can help you in saving energy thereby making your home more comfortable. These tips will help you in saving both your gas and electricity consumption and thus cut your energy bills.

Turning down your thermostat

This can help you in saving up to £85 dollars every year. The room temperatures should be reduced by at least one 1 degree centigrade. Sometimes you can also keep yourself warm by putting on a jumper instead of turning up the heater. The radiators kept in the empty or rarely used rooms should also be turned down. The use of a smart thermostat can be also helpful in saving energy. This device will allow you to operate the heating process through the internet. Some of the best smart thermostats include Hive, Honeywell Evohome, and Nest.

Replacing light bulbs

The use of energy-saving bulbs is one of the great ways of cutting the energy bills. On average, an LED bulb will cost you around £1.7 every year. This means that this bulb can cut the energy bills by about £180 over its lifetime. LEDs are energy-efficient light bulbs. They use less energy as compared to the traditional incandescent. Again, it is important to make sure that the lights have been switched off whenever they are not in use.

Keeping the energy bill under control

This can be done by spreading the energy costs over a lengthy period. Your meter should also be checked regularly to ensure that your energy bill is accurate. Individuals who have been paying excess money are advised to ask for a refund from the energy supply. Every person is entitled by the law to ask for a refund.



Using an energy monitor

This is a simple gadget that is used to estimate the energy being used by the consumers. Monitoring your energy consumption will help you in coming up with effective ways of reducing it. A good monitor costs about £25, but some electricity or gas suppliers offer free gadgets to their customers.

Using a new boiler

The old gas boilers should be replaced with the new models. The new models are designed with control systems like programmers that can help you in trimming up your gas bills. The purchased boiler should be used efficiently. Ensure that its radiators and pressure valves are in good working conditions.




The process of finding a cheap flight is increasingly becoming more difficult in these days. This is mainly attributed to the ever-rising demand for flights. However, you can still get an air ticket at a lower price by following some of the proven tips. This article is meant to arm you with the right information on how you can secure cheaper flights. The tips discussed here below are going to guide you on how you should go about it. Firstly, you will understand why going to the airline is important. Secondly, you will be provided with the necessary information that will help you in finding low-cost airfares.

Contacting the airlines first

This is a very critical step. As a traveller, you are advised to visit or contact the airlines first before searching for cheap flights. This will enable you to get the discounted flight text services that are offered by different airlines. This service will inform and update you of the available service. This is considered to be quicker as compared to searching for the required information on the internet. Individuals who buy tickets by visiting the airlines are also given air miles benefits.

Going online

Purchasing tickets online will help you in saving time since the process involved is quick and straightforward. This method is known for producing the best results. Getting the best deal will also help you in planning your trip. Most airlines have websites where you can buy sell an air ticket at specific days of the week. Acquiring this information will greatly help in maximizing your savings. Sunday morning is considered as the best time for buying online air tickets.

Make use of the discount travel organizations

Even if many people are not aware of these organizations, they are a good source of cheaper flights. These organizations are known for seeking out low airfares for their members. In addition to that, they are helpful in providing air travel products and travel insurance at reduced prices.

Flying from the nearby airport

Individuals who live near the major airports are advised fly from them because they can be accessed easily. This will save you money that would be spent when travelling to other major airports.


Be flexible

Travellers should be flexible. For instance, you can easily get a cheap flight by flying or travelling at unsociable times. For instance, flights scheduled for the lighter periods like in the morning are cheap.